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we cannot resist the temptation to say a few words about this character and some of his ambiguous books : 'Rene Guenon, temoin de la Tradition' (Guy Tredaniel, 1978), 'Les Objets Volants Non Identifies, ou La Grande Parodie' Guy Tredaniel, 1979), 'Seth, le dieu maudit' (Guy Tredaniel, 1986),'Hitler, l'elu du dragon' (Guy Tredaniel, 1987), 'Operation Orth' (Guy Tredaniel, 1989), 'Le Royaume du Graal' (Guy Tredaniel, 1993) - 'Operation Orth' containing all you ever wanted to know about Rennes-le-Chateau - and we must add that he shares one trait with one of his favourite subjects, the 'extra-terrestrials' : the question of whether either exists remains unclear.

Jean Robin is reported to have given an address in 1987 at the Sorbonne, during a 'Politica Hermetica' meeting, entitled 'Metaphysique et politique : Rene Guenon, Julius Evola'. According to a member of a guenonian list, before publishing his first book ('Rene Guenon, temoin de la Tradition', Robin edited an 'easy reading' series for a major French publisher called Robert Laffont. A Hungarian 'traditionalist' site even gave us his year of birth : 1946. According to other sources, he spent some time in a convalescent home, due to an unfortunate 'psychic condition'.

His thickest book, 'Le Royaume du Graal', weighs, according to its publisher, 824 grams. As some of you may already have worked out, it has more than 666 pages. The publisher continues : "France, 'The Eldest Daughter of the Church', spiritual heir of the Kingdom of Judea, was designated right from its birth as the new Holy Land, the receptacle of the ultimate theophanies, the sacred space where all exiles end and all promises are fulfilled. But it is also - such is the ambivalence of the symbolic - the evil athanor from which all deception will arise. If the most sacred mystery of the Rheims coronation leads us to consider current transgressions as mere shadows of a future legitimacy, this prescience hints at a spendour which will only be able to manifest fully at the end of times (...)
Philippe le Bel, Louis XIV and Napoleon, among others, embodied this obscure face of the mission of France, while prefiguring the great monarch who will pave the way for the Antichrist. This combined sacralisation and execration of our country are not the gimmick of a mystagogue, but a true predestination, illustrated with mythomorphic geographic structures of impressive rigour, which 'sign' the eschatological function of a kingdom belonging to the resurrected Christ alone. To guide us at the approach of this fearsome conjunction in the arcana of France, Providence has created RenИ GuИnon, who was born on the same day that the Grail stone, dear to Wolfram von Eschenbach - which matches exactly the 'hexagonal Christal' of Gaul, once exalted by Strabo - fell from the skies."

Leaving aside the millennarian lyricism of this advertisement to come back to earth, it is said that the first edition of this book, which some say the publisher hadn't actually read before publishing, was taken off the market after a Jew, who bought it at the famous and now defunct Table d'Emeraude in Paris, noticed that it contained certain observations concerning "the hoax of the twentieth century". Any attempt to expose this hoax arouses a general outcry in guenonian circles ; the beliefs of some guenonians are not at all Guenon's. Didn't Raymond Abelio, the self-proclaimed "destroyer of all illusions", take this hoax for a fact in the third volume of his memoirs ('Ma derniore memoire', Ramsay, 1980 - p.113) Manifestly, it is easier for some people to deal with 'maya' on paper than it is to deal with its various manifestations in history.

In 1969, a French astrophysicist called Jacques Vallee, who had worked for NASA in the early 1960's, and had taken part in the NSF computer networking project which was to give birth to the first conferencing system, ARPANET, long before the advent of the internet, published 'Passport to Magonia : From Folklore to Flying Saucers' (Henry Regnery & Co., Chicago) : bringing together elements of medieval European folklore and contemporary 'extra-terrestrial' phenomena, he attempted to prove a structural continuity between them. Vallee was chosen by Steven Spielberg as his model for the character of the French scientist Lacombe in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', a propaganda movie largely based on the story of the Mosaic revelation. However, Vallee disapproved of the Jewish film-maker's presentation of extra-terrestrials as harmless 'brothers'. Another Frenchman, Bertrand Meheust, by contrast, went so far as to see them as diabolical creatures. In 'Science-fiction et soucoupes volantes - Une realite mythico-hysique' ('Science Fiction and Flying Saucers - A Mythico-Physical Reality', published by the prestigious Mercure de France in 1978, he put forward the thesis that the 'extra-terrestrial' phenomena were preceded by a preparation of the 'ambiance' in the science-fiction literature, especially, of the 1930's, whose scenarii and images were in their turn 'whispered' to their authors by diabolical suggestion, and, following on Vallee's footsteps, that stories of abduction by 'extra-terrestrials' originate in ancient myths.

A chapter of 'Le Royaume du Graal' draws its inspiration from the work of those two authors : 'Extra-terrestres et antisИmitisme' ('Extra-Terrestrials and Anti-Semitism'. Jean Robin goes further than them, and risks the thesis of rival factions of 'extra-terrestrials', and of human complicity with some of them. Interestingly enough, this thesis is closely akin to the conclusions of a report by the French Ministry of Defence to the French President in 1999, which was published in the magazine VSD the same year, and has since been discovered to be virtually a lagiarisation of a report by the US Air Force of 1949 - see http://ufologie.net/htm/air100-203-79f.htm . However, to the drafters of those reports, there are "good extra-terrestrials" and "bad extra-terrestrials", the former being supposed to save us at the last moment from the latter, whereas, to Jean Robin, those creatures are all diabolical, no matter which side they are on. Some may say that this is not a detail.

"What is the purpose of the appearance of the UFO's?", Evola asked. For Jean Robin, there is absolutely no doubt that it is meant to prepare public opinion world-wide for the coming of the Antichrist, which, according to Christian tradition, will pretend to be the 'Second Coming' of Christ. In general, the "nouvelle religion
soucoupiste" is seen here as a neo-spiritualist parody of Christianity : like Christianity, it has had its 'catacombs period' and its martyrs, and, like Christianity, it has become popular subsequently. He argues that neo-spiritualism's purpose is to convince the entire world population that the ancient 'gods' of
polytheism were only deified 'civilising cosmonauts' (neo-euhemerism), whose mundane aim has always been to work for peoples' good ; the Ramayana and other mythological epics tell the story of their arrival on earth. Among those ancient 'gods', emphasis is placed on the Elohim, the fallen angels who seduced the wives of men (chapter VI of 'Genesis', who are considered to be the direct ancestors of the 'chosen people'. In short, any Jew is a son of the devil. Jean Robin denounces this equation between evil and the Jewish people, which, according to him, is peculiar to the 'soucoupiste religion' and the neo-spiritualist circles in which it was born. By the vague and elastic term 'neo-spiritualism', what is meant here seems to be essentially 'neo-paganism', behind which it is understood that 'far-right' groups are hidden. At the risk of disappointing some people, however, we must point out that neither the so-called 'neo-pagan' GRECE, nor the official Asatru movement and its leaders, have ever taken an anti-Semitic position. However, this equation has found an echo in Catholic traditionalist circles, with the publication by Marc Dem, the editor of a newsletter of theirs, of 'Les Juifs de l'espace' (Albin Michel, Paris, 1974).

The fact remains, in any case, that Jean Robin is the only guenonian to have dared to apply GuИnon's ideas on counter-initiation to the 'extra-terrestrial' phenomenon. For the French metaphysician, counter-initiation originated in the knowledge transmitted by the Elohim to men ; Jean Robin, as just pointed out, saw the Elohim
as 'extra-terrestrials'. In the chapter of 'Le Royaume du Graal' called 'L'impossibilite des contacts interplanetaires' ('The Impossibility of Interplanetary Contact', Jean Robin resumed the argument of the French metaphysician, according to which a minimum of 'senses in common' between men and other forms of intelligent life is necessary for them to be able to communicate. Another chapter, 'OVNI et psychanalyse' ('UFO's and Psychoanalysis', deals with the subversive character of the Jungian theory of the archetypes with respect to the 'extra-terrestrial' phenomena, already pointed out by Evola and Guenon, namely, that Jung saw them as purely oneiric, not to say hallucinatory ; by this means, Jean Robin states, he prevented us from acknowledging their physical and material reality and, thus, studying their real nature.

At this point, it is not without value to mention that Robin stated, with emphasis, that de Gaulle believed in the existence of 'extra-terrestrials' and that he was a reader of Guenon. Certainly, de Gaulle is said to have been most impressed by the apparition of a UFO in the sky of Antananarivo in 1954, as he was visiting Madagascar. In 1966, de Gaulle approved the idea of a secret French study group on the 'extra-terrestrial' phenomenon, just after the Yankees created the Condon commission for the same purpose. However, the reader would be well advised not to lose sight of the fact that, as we have said, the report by the French Ministry of Defence to the (neo-gaullist) French President in 1999 is virtually a plagiarism of a report by the US Air Force from 1949, and to bear in mind that the return to power of de Gaulle in 1958 was firmly supported by the ultra-secret department of the Yankee secret service, the OPC, or Office for Political Coordination. All couples have their domestic rows when there are guests : the U.S. and neo-gaullist France have had domestic quarrels, but, deep inside, they still love each other. As shown by Dominique Lorentz ('Affaires atomiques', Les arones, 2001), it was gaullist France which, from the moment de Gaulle was pitchforked back into the Elysee, was put in charge of building Israel's atomic installations, with the aid of the Israeli scientists who had to a great extent created the Yankee atomic bomb, and of scattering atomic technology across Iraq, Iran, Japan, Taiwan, China, Egypt, and so on, the whole thing being financed by Yankee money under the supervision of NATO. There has been an obvious attempt for years in France, by many political schemers and writers involved in the current gynaeco-democratic mess, to mythologise gaullism and the figure of de Gaulle himself, creating an impression that, in the absence of any serious statesmen to rule the country, only this historical figure, treated as a sort of mummy, could keep it alive ; so one suspects that Jean Robin's reflections on the General may be a variant for esoteric circles of the same tactics.

As a matter of fact, Jean Robin was not the first author to present de Gaulle as a convinced guenonian. In 1982, a certain Reverend Pore Martin published a 500-page book called 'Le livre des compagnons secrets' (Rocher) whose subtitle was more explicit : 'L'enseignement secret du General de Gaulle' ('The Secret Teaching of General de Gaulle'. According to this author, de Gaulle was surrounded by a secret circle of forty-five personages, who advised him and received his confidences, and who became the bearers of his thought until 1958. The book examines the whole of French history, and the eschatological concern of the 'secret circle' for the country and its destiny, from a perspective which reminds one of Marxist historiography. It contains many references to the work of Guenon - perhaps the author wishes us to believe it was no coincidence that Jacques Benoist-Mechin, one of the two characters who is reported to have played an 'occult' role for de Gaulle, was sent by the French government on many missions in Arab countries after 1958, especially to Cairo, Egypt? A critical analysis of 'Le livre des compagnons secrets', published in the 28th October 1982 issue of the magazine Nostra and signed 'Bayard', voiced the hypothesis that the book was meant to create a confusion between the forty-five member group and the Prieure de Sion, which, as is known, also had forty-five French members, among them Jean Cocteau and Andre Malraux.; it is accompanied by a drawing called "Le general de Gaulle attendait le retour du grand monarque" ("General de Gaulle Awaits the Return of the Great Monarch". Incidentally, the inimitable Jean Parvulesco tackled this subject in 'La spirale prophetique' (Tredaniel, 1986).

Pore Martin didn't leave it at that. In 1984, he laid it on a bit thicker, with 'Le Renversement, ou La Boucane contre l'Ordre Noir' ('The Reversal, or La Boucane versus the Black Order'. In 1971, the discovery was made "that a group of ex-Nazis is working behind the scenes towards world domination", and Pore Martin tells us all about it. Joscelyn Godwin mentions this book in his 'Arktos : The Polar Myth'.

Speaking of which, basing himself on the work of David Lewis and Hermann Rauschning (whose unreliability, to put it mildly, is mentioned by Dr Hakl), Jean Robin, in 'Hitler, l'elu du dragon', tries to substantiate the thesis that Hitler was nothing but the forerunner of the Antichrist, and that neo-National-Socialism - something which exists only in the hazy heads of a few amateurs and in the papers of the secret services - is closely connected with Islamism. Unfortunately, the post-WW2 career of people like Degrelle and Skorzeny, extraordinary warriors who, back in civilian life, lost the centre which had made them what they were on the battlefield, has given substance to this thesis.

Sooner or later, we would like to discuss a concept which influences Dr Hakl's essay, without his mentioning it explicitly, and which is linked to Jean Robin's attempt to show that Hitler was a forerunner of the Antichrist : that of the diabolisation by Christians of the highest manifestations of the Aryan spirit in history. In the meantime, let us draw people's attention to the fact that the notion of Antichrist is peculiar to the 'Judaism Lite' for goyim masses which is Christianity. Let us hope that some of them have already drawn from this the conclusions which are logically necessary from an Aryan standpoint.

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