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мечеть аль-Аскари (аль-Хади, Золотая Мечеть) в Самарре, золотой купол которой был сегодня разрушен взрывом

Самарра преимущественно суннитский город, но в нём расположено одно из важнейших мест шиитского паломничества - в этой мечети захоронены Имамы Али аль-Хади и его сын Хасан аль-Аскари (мир им всем)





1. год назад

а вот что написал владелец интернет-кафе в Самарре около Золотой Мечети:
We have here the Iraqi Construction Minister Jassem Mohammed Jaafar saying that the "placing of the explosives must have taken at least 12 hours" and that "it was the work of specialists".

There is a daily curfew in our city (Samarra) starts from 8,00 in the evening until 6,00 in the morning, in the night before the bombing and just when it s getting dark there was unusual activities by the ING (Iraqi National Guard) in the area around the mosque, I heard their cars the whole night until next day in the morning. The Mosque Guards testimony says: Four people with ING (Iraqi National Guard) uniforms blind folded them and set the bombs. The witness continues, so ask I you how could the terrorists enter the area which is usually surrounded by the ING and enter the mosque then runway without being got by the police?. Witness 2: Witness 2 gives more detailed information and the Americans connection to the events before the bombing, so I made it as timeline of the events. My name is Muhammad Al-Samarrai, I own an internet-cafe near the mosque, I sleep in my shop because I am worry about my computers from thieves. 8,30 (evening) joint forces of Iraqi ING and Americans asked me to stay in the shop and don t leave the area.
9,00 (evening) they left the area.
11,00 (evening) they came back and started to patrol the area until the morning.
6,00 (next day morning) ING leave the area.
6,30 Americans leave the area .
6,40 first explosion.
6,45 second explosion.

p.s.Iraq shrine bombing was specialist job: By Agence France Presse

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