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Anti-cosmic Dualism - ТРАНСЛЯЦИЯ ФА

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Saturday, 12th August

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19.46 - Anti-cosmic Dualism
два письма от Frater Aeshma недавно из одного листа:

But what is different in your way to see the Sephiroth (it is not called Qaballa. Qaballa is the name of the whole mystic tradition of the Jews and means "Tradition". Sephirioth on the other hand is the name of the spheres/worlds/dimensions/powers of the Dayside/world of demiurgic order)and the way a normal Jewish mystics sees it? And in which ancient Xemetic text do you find the use of the terms and symbols that you use when you use qaballistic forms to describe the cosmology of the ancient Egyptians? And in which way is your path different from the Right Hand Path?

From what I understand you follow the Archonic flow and Order (Maat) of this world and view the forces of Chaos and Wrathful Darkness (Isfet/Apep and the later, draconian, manifestations of Lord Set), as something negative. So what does all this have to do with The Burning Path of The Draconist or the Left Hand Path to Gnosis?

From what I understand you seek balance WITHIN cosmos and you seek to uphold natural/cosmic/Demiurgic order, am I right?

And if you want to use "authentic xemetic religion" why do you use so many forms that are drived from other cultures? What have "Enlil" to do with all these things??? Is this some "Joy of satan" tradition?

I am an anti-cosmic Satanist/Luciferian/Draconist. My spiritual path is based on traditional gnostic dualism, manifested through the forms of Diabolism/Witchcraft/Luciferianism. For me the forces of Archonic Order (Maat) is something that must be transcended, and the best way to do that is to align spirit, will and power with the forces of the Qliphoth, that in essence are the same as The Eleven created by Tiamat/Hubur in order to return ALL back to the Acausal/Pandimensional state of allpotential within Chaos.

We (as gnostic satanists) take the side of Wrathful Chaos because for us cosmic order is "evil". We choose Formless Flame of the Acausal, instead of the Clay of matter. We seek liberation of Spirit and Acausal Becoming instead of pleasures of the flesh and other traps of this filthy world of matter. We see the Demiurge (creator of the world outside the Primal Chaos/Dynamic Pleroma) as the enemy and view his adversary as our "friends".

For those who see the Archonic world Order as something good our Gods becomes Demons and bringers of Terror. But to remove cancer one have to cut it out, and that is what the Dark Gods of Nightside/Kliffot/Qliphoth have as their function to do. They are the Dissolving Impulse of Chaos that have as aim to destroy the cosmos, in order to set free the Acausal Essence that have been trapped in the finite forms of The Fallen Creation.

This view of Qliphot is not Jewish, and we are not Jews. But from a gnostic perspective this things becomes very clear. If I had the same view about the qliphot as an orthodox jew have I would ofcourse never work with it. But I am not a jew and I do not belive that the jews were the originators of the concept of antagonism and dualism between the Cosmic 10 and the Anti-Cosmic 11, which is a central concept in our 218 Current of satanism. The roots of all these things can be found in Sumerian and Babylonian traditions and religions. Cort pointed out some of these things already.

It all comes down to your world view, if you see this world as a good thing then you worship the demiurge and enjoy the Clay/flesh. But if you in your "heart" feel that this world is a prison that enslaves you Spirit and inner potential/Acausal becoming then you will and must see this world, its creator, its laws AND its Adversaries in a different LIGHT (the Black Light of Lucifer-Satan).

In order to not repeat myself to much I would like to invite you to read the posts about the Black Light and other related subjects. That is if you want more explanation about the worldview that I represent as a Anti-cosmic Satanist/Luciferian (yes in my tradition Satanism and Luciferiansim is one and the same thing, as Satan is just another word to describe the effect of a Lucifer in this world).

Once again excuse my poor and crude English.

Io Set-Typhon!

The Draconian Setianism that we talk about in our tradition is part of our 218 Current and there is very few things about this that are made public by our Order/Temple. But the essence of this anti-cosmic path of The Red Lord can found within the Set-Typhonian current and in those other systems and myths where Set became identified as The Dragon or as a God that worked with the Draconic forces. Yes, there are myths about Set fighting Apep, hehe, yes we know that. But there are also later (and some would also say earlier) "myths" and systems of magic and religion that connects Set to the very essence of Apep.

The gate to this form of Ophitic/Draconic aspect and manifestation of the God Set, is within our tradition, found in the synthesis of the Lord Set and Master Typhon. Through the essence connected to the this wrathful and most antagonistic manifestation the hidden path of the "Tesherit Dragon" can be found. Typhon as you know is of the same wrathful essence as Apep and re-present one and the same anti-cosmic force. So when Set becomes identified with him he also (once again?) becomes identified with The Dragon of Wrathful Chaos.

This is formulated in the three names of power that are used within the the Draconist Path of Master Set: Set-Typhon, Typhon-Apophis and Sut-Apep! If you understand the meaning of these names and how they connect to each other you should start to see the gate to this form of Setianism.

For us the (man made) names of the gods do not represent something static and their value and essence changes depending on with what kind of understanding and meaning they are charged. We do not belive that the gods go around on "the other side" with name tags on their chest (hahaha), names are for our sake as a tool to focus on a certain essence that in and by itself is nameless. So what we call Lucifer, Set, Satan or Apep is not necessarily the same force/forcess that other mean or call upon when using the same names/forms/symbols.

It is not the names in themself that connect you to a spiritual force, it is your understanding and what you mean by that name that does that. (this is the explanation for mr "setnakt" that asked how we could have another idea about Lucifer and Satan than he had in his 2500 year old family tradition. These things are not as static as you belive, form is form and essence is essence and it is often up to the magician to connect these two parts in order to reach the forces of the gods.)

@ "setnakt": As an exempel the Qliphotic Astaroth have NOTHING to do with the goddess Astarte. Yes the name of Astaroth is drived from Astarte by the jews that wanted to demonize other peoples God FORMS, but that does not change the fact that Astaroth within Qliphotic (and Goetic) context have nothing to do with the goddess. This is because the things that the qliphotic Astaroth is connected to as a Nightside force of Gha ' agsheblah is not the same things that was connected to the goddess Astarte, the name Astaroth in itself is not as important as what we mean by it!

So the names do not have static value, they are charged with the will, power and understanding of the person that use them. That is why names that are not charged in this way by the magician are like talismans that are found on the street, you never know what they have been meant to channel. So before a Name of Power can be used one must first have an understanding about what it is that the name is or can be connected to.

Satan= Adversary and Lucifer= Bringer of Light. These two names can mean and stand for many many different things for different people. For us these names are WORDS that describe one and the same force. Within our tradition Lucifer is the bringer of FORBIDDEN Gnosis to a world of Archonic darkness. What this does is making the Lucifer enemy and the accuser (Satan) of the forces of cosmic lie and hylic darkness. In order to bring Light into a state of spiritual darkness you have to act as the adversary/enemy of the darkness that you aim to banish. This makes a Lucifer always the same as a Satan (remeber these "names" are really WORDS, and with words one can mean different things depending on the context that they are used within.)

So if Lucifer is horus for you, well thats great. But you must understand that that is the case for YOU. This does not mean that Lucifer universally stands for horus. In my tradition it does not! So it is funny that you ask me to prove that Lucifer is Satan, well I could ask you the same, "prove" to me that horus is Lucifer!

I base my understanding on my own and my traditions gnosis about these simple things, that should be clear for all that walk The Burning Path.


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