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"В Багдаде всё спокойно" - эти слова нам уже не забыть. А "вчера в Багдаде" взрывом разрушило купол и минарет Qadiriya Shrine (24 убито, 90 ранено) - где al-Gailani и был похоронен в 1165 AD. Juan Cole пишет: The shrine was likely attacked by radical Sunni Salafis, with several objects in mind. First, Salafis hate Sufi shrines. Second, the Salafi Jihadis in Iraq are trying to mobilize all Iraqi Sunnis behind them, and do not want rivals from among the Sufi orders and tribal shaikhs. Third, the Salafi Jihadis want to throw Iraq into ever greater chaos, such that they strike at all national symbols. Fourth, they are probably hoping that at least some Sunni Arabs will blame Shiite militiamen for the attack, or will blame the Shiite government for not preventing it, so that the bombing has the effect of heightening sectarian tensions further.
назначен глава аль-Каиды в Афганистане: Mustafa Abu Yazid (шейх Масри)

zoom /UPD пишут что убили с женой и детьми, май 2010

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